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It Was You…

Posted: October 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
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You bring such a stupid feeling to me,

You were such a sweet poison to me,

You were such a silent killer to me,

Whenever I try to ignore you,

Whenever I try to neglect you,

Whenever I try to forget you,

You always be there,

Always be there to make me weak.

But whenever I need you,

Whenever I am looking for you,

Whenever I want you,

You always not there for me,

And you left me alone.

You make me to love you,

then you make me to hate you.

I love you so much until I need to let you go,

For you that already forgetting me…

For you that always ignoring me…

So this is it,

It is better for me to be alone,

So no one will hurt me that way anymore…Broken_Smile_by_SilverVintage


Posted: October 3, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Friends make us happy,

But friends make us sad too.

Friends make our life beautiful,

Friends may destroy our life too.

Ordinary friend is easy to find,

But true friend is hard to find.


Posted: October 3, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Dear my best friend, you broke my heart…

If only you know how hurt it is to love someone you can’t love,

That is the hurt I feel when you were around me,

I love you so much but I know it is something impossible,

Something that shouldn’t happen between us,

But you are so undeniable to be loved,

Too beautiful not to be indulge,

You are such an incredible thing created on earth.


I can’t ignore you, I can’t neglect the feeling,

For the reason I love you so much,

It is a stage where I do not mind be hurt by you anymore,

You didn’t realize that you had broke my heart,

You ignore me, You left me alone with my faking smile to you,

You just walk away with him, You don’t even turn back,

So I just walk alone, I let myself astray in the ocean of people,

My mind feel so empty when you were not there beside me,

But when you were there you make me weak,

You make me speechless,

You create such a lovely hurt until I can’t do anything with it…

Sorry to say but my dear friend…you broke my heart…

Even though you never know it…

broken heart