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Forget the times that we walked by.

Forget the times I made you cry.

Forget the times I spoke your name.

Remember now, you’re not the same.

Remember now, I’m not the same.

Forget the time I held your hand.

Forget the sweet things if you can.

Forget the times, and don’t pretend.

Remember this; you never meet and know me.

I’m just another stranger that passing by into your life.

I’m so sorry for trying to make you believe my another lies.



I guess I did hurt you too much this time,

You don’t even want to forgive me,

You said you lose all your trust on me and we can’t be friends anymore,

You really hate me and you don’t even want to see my face,

You really hate me for what I did to you,

I wish you know that I really didn’t mean it,

How can I hurt you?

When the one who feel the pain when seeing you hurt is me,

I wish I can turn back the time before this is happening to us,

I didn’t dare to put even a little hope on us,

Because I know how firm you are with your decision,

No one can change your mind,

You said we are not friends anymore,

So from now on I’ll never interfere into your life,

I think I need to let you go if  it’s what you wish from me,

Even it’s going to be the hardest thing for me to do,

I think I really lose you this time,

And I don’t think you’ll forgive me ever,

I just hope after this you’ll always happy with your life,

You deserve better life and better person in your life,

I’m so sorry for every pain and hurt that I’ve done to you,

I’m also so sorry for the tears you shed,

There’s nothing I can do to gain your trust and your friendship,

I’m so regret with everything,

Because I made such a big mistake that make me to lose you,

I hope someday you’ll forgive me,

I’m not hoping that you’ll be my friends again,

Because I’m afraid I’m might hurt you again,

And I don’t want that to happen ever again…

Not Enough…

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When you kill the hearts of people that love you,

You can’t have them back,

Even they can be there for you,

Never expect them to be the same,

Because parts of their life were missing,

Because you did kill the hearts that love you before,

You’re the reason for them to change,

Because you hurt them so much,

Hurt that left scars to their hearts,

Don’t wait until it’s too  late for you to ask apologies from them,

Because when it’s too late,

Your sorry will mean nothing at all,

No matter how many times you say you’re sorry it will never be the same.


Lose you? Never again…

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People still can’t accept you in my life,

They still don’t know that I can’t live my life without you,

They still don’t know how important you are to me,

I rather lose my thousand friends than losing you,

You are so important to me,

So important and so special in the way I don’t know how to explain,

I don’t care what people will say about us,

As long as we are together I don’t care about the rest,

I will always be strong when I’m with  you.

I hope they will understand,

I hope they will accept my decisions,

I know with what I’m doing now

and I promise that I will not make the same mistake again,

So please just try to understand because this is the life I choose to live with…