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It’s a new start for us,

It’s a new beginning for our friendship,

We forget the past and we forgive each other,

We’ve been so distant but now we are so close,

I miss a lot about your story,

And I have a lot of stories to tell you,

The truth is I miss you so much,

Because you are my best friend,

And I love my best friend so much,

I miss all the late chatting we always have,

I miss all you naughty words,

That always make me laugh into tears,

I miss your mischievous smile,

I miss about everything when we used to be best friend before,

I know my world will be much easier if you didn’t come back,

But it would never be my world without you in it,

You are my precious and treasury friend in my whole life,

I don’t want to lose you and I know you want the same too…



Only you ever scold me,

Only you ever say bad words to me,

Only you ever be bitch to me,

Only you ever see the bad side of me,

Only you be able to bring the worst part of me,

Only you can turn my silence into laugh,

Only you can make my day so wonderful,

Only you can change me,

Only you can make me speechless,

Only you can make cry out of nothing,

Only you can make me waiting for hours,

Only you can make fool of me,

Only you can make me crazy,

Only you can swallow deep down inside me,

Only you allowed to call me with any names you like,

Only you really understand who I am,

Only with you I really feel comfortable with,

Only you know my life’s stories,

Only you know the truth about my life,

Only to you I never lie to,

I wonder what right you have on me,

I wonder what curse did you spell on me,

You are the only one who can bring out the best and the worst part of my life,

It will always only you,

Thats why no matter how many times we fight,

I still want to be friend with you,

Thats why no matter what I can’t be angry at you,

Because you are my only true best friend,

None like you among the rest,

And I don’t want to lose you ever,

These are the unspoken words when we were apart,
I’m having such a miserable life,
I’ve got a lots of friends but none of them like you,
Many people around me but why do I feel so lonely?
The crowds can’t fill my empty soul,
I’m looking for you but I can’t find you,
Where were you when I have no one else to talk to?
We used to be best friend,
But you always not there when I really need you,
And it broke my heart.

That’s was before,
Now we get back the closeness we missed before,
What a waste of time without you being my best friend,
We bring happiness to each other,
And we always create moments together,
I don’t want to lose you again,
Because, you are my best friend forever…

When I’m with you…

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I don’t have to call or look for you anymore,

Because I know from now on you’ll always come to me,

Always at time I didn’t expect,

I will never be boring with you around me,

You like to tease me,

You like to disturb me,

You like to get my attention,

It seems like it has been your most crimes now,

You like to be pampered by me,

You act so childish when you with me,

You become too affectionate when you with me,

Sometimes you scold me, Sometimes you angry at me,

I don’t know why but I do like it,

Maybe because it totally sound like someone I care so much…