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i jz wan 2 say my sory again..i really didnt mean 2 make u angry or upset..

i hope deep down into d pure soul i knw u’ve wil 4give me..

i luv u & i.l.y.s.m.z.

im going 2 say this 4 d last time 2 u..bcoz i.l.y.s.m.z. i really dont wan 2 lose u..

i hope u’ll undrstnd..4 evrythng i’ve done 2 u b4 is bcoz i.l.y.s.m.

i cant hide this feeling anymore bcoz i fall 4 u since we’ve b close..

watevr u think abt me aft this it’s up 2 u, i’ll jz accept it..

i dont hope or expect anythng frm u by telling u this..

i juz want 2 say it out, so there wil b no burden inside my heart anymore n

so u’ll nvr wondering wit wat i do or did or act or say 2u aftr this..

i dont hv d courage 2 tell u this face 2 face bcoz im afraid wit wat might happen..

i knw all these sound crazy, bcoz im crazy of u oredy..


p/s: i take d risk by sending these 2 mgss 2 u tht i care so much..

u dont knw how hard it’s 4me 2 get enuf courage 2 say out all of this..

i feel so ashame wit myself but i dont wan 2 suffer alone anymore..

i jz wan u knw d truth..if can, i also dont wan 2 have this feeling too..

i knw it’s so wrong but i nvr wish 4 this stupid feeling too..

i wish this feeling will disappear soon n vanish from my heart..

i knw i’ll nvr find d right 1 if i still cant let go d wrong 1..


I Never Thought That…

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I never thought that I’ve made such a big mistake to her,

I never thought that I being such a killer,

I never thought that I’m so cruel to her,

I never thought that I’m hurting her while I’m thinking she is alright,

I never thought that I’m obviously betray her,

I never thought that I’m totally messed up with her,

I never thought that it was me that being the reason of her tears,

I never thought that it would be this hard,

I never thought that it would  be this hurt,

I never thought that it would be so sad,

I never thought that it would make me into tears too,

I just never thought that it would end like this…


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I know what I feel now is not right,

That’s why I’m not giving any hope on it,

I don’t want the same things to happen again,

I don’t want to repeat the same mistake again,

It’s much better for you not to know what I feel,

Because I don’t know what will you do if you know the truth,

I’m enduring it and I don’t know if you can see it from my eyes,

I know I’m not good in pretending,

But still I’m always working on it,

So you can’t simply read me,

I don’t know if you still can understand my silence,

Life has taught me something that make me silent.


I really need you yesterday,

But you aren’t there,

Just like the another time I need you before,

You always not there when I wish you were there,

But who am I to ask too much from you?

Who am I to ask you to be there for me?

I know I’m  just nobody to you,

You used to be my best friend,

But I guess  I’m just your another ordinary friend,

It won’t take hours when I said I want to talk,

How come you can’t lend me even some time of yours?

I just need some comfort from a friend I trust so much,

I just want to borrow your shoulder to cry,

But it always only in my dreams,

Anyway thanks for being friends with me…