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We were once stranger to each other,

We don’t know anything about each other,

We were totally different person before we meet,

I am who I am and you are who you are,

Fate has made and we did built a friendship,

We did have such a beautiful-complicated friendship,

But still for me it’s the best thing ever happen to me,

We fight a lot and we simply ignore each other many times,

Because I guess we are too ego to each other, 

I don’t even dare to face you,

And you also don’t know what to do when we bump to each other,

With you I’m not me, With me I know you’re just pretending,

We’ve change in the way we don’t even realize,

But at the end we still friends,

We forget the past and forgive each other,

Sometimes we laugh about the stupid things that happened between us,

Things that crack the friendship we built,

I’m not so sure but I guess this is what called True Friendship,

Which is rarely found and experience by others,

And I always be grateful to found someone like you in my life…



The presence of you really bother my life,

Your presence really irritate me,

Not for what you’ve done but for what the past did to me,

The past still haunting me and I still can’t get rid of it completely from my mind,

I can’t talk to you not because I hate you but it just I can’t,

I’m not the same person you’ve known so well before,

I can’t do anything with the silence created between us,

The gap between us seem getting wide,

Because I’ve close my heart to someone I once love to death,

I’ve said what I should said and I never regret saying it,

From now please don’t expect anything from me,

Because I’ll not be able to be a friend or someone to you,

Even I try to be friends, 

I’ll just be another bad friend and bad person that will hurt you again,

I’m not a good pretender like you,

Your smiles can hide all the emotions on your face

And it seem so easy for you but not me,

No matter what now I’ll never allow myself get hurt anymore,

I’ll never give hope on something impossible,

No one will care about your feeling  except your own,

I’m not your friend anymore and I’ll never be,

Because every time I start opening my heart again for you,

I’m actually risking myself  to get hurt for uncounted times,

And I’ll not let that to happen on me ever again,

I can’t forgive myself for everything that had happen,

And I just can hope the best will come ahead us.


I hate it…

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Actually I don’t hate you, it just I hate myself that loving you so much.

I hate it when every time I realize that I love you, I feel hurt.

I hate it when I still can’t let go you out of my heart.

I hate it more when thinking that I can’t love you but still I did.

And most of all I hate myself that always craving for your love…


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A wake up call!!!

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When something big happen into our life sometimes it can be a wake up call to change. It’s easy to say “I’m gonna have a new life from now on.” But it’s not as easy as it being said. Getting a new life is not easy because every time we make a step forward, the life from the past will always haunting us. -elf-

Another stranger…

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I remember, I’m sad.

I remember again, I cry.

I know we can’t be best friend anymore,

Not even closer to be friends.

I see you smile, you see me smile.

Pretend like nothing happen between us.

I’m not a good pretender but I’ll be glad,

If people can’t see the different.

I still can’t figure out what actually happen between  us,

I don’t understand it though.

Sometimes I miss and think about you,

But deep down inside me,

I don’t want you back in my life,

I don’t mind about you anymore and and this time is for real,

Because my life seem much better without you,

I know you want the same too.

I’ll talk to you but not in the same way like before,

I’ll face you but you’ll never see the same me again,

I’ll be there but this time not for you,

This is not the first time we be like this,

And we’ll never be like this again because we are no one to each other anymore,

I once rank you at the top but now I don’t even know how to rank you in my life,

Because the truth is you’re just another stranger to me,

I don’t know you anymore not because you’ve change,

But it’s because I’ve seen the real of you,

And I can’t deal with it…



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The most painful thing is to be sitting right next to the person you love most,

But never being able to let that person know.

Truthfully, I don’t deserve you and it’s so wrong to love you,

But I’m already fall in love with you and it’s really out of my control.

Please don’t avoid me.

Just forget it and just pretend you don’t know about it.

Because I am scared, that day might come,

You’re too far to be reach out and take.

Worse, maybe you’re already taken.

If someday you reading this, I just hope now you know my feeling to you.

I don’t hope you to love me back but it’s more than enough for you to know the truth.

I’m so sorry for the times I made you cry.

I’m so sorry for the hard times I gave to you.

I’m so sorry for the many times I ignore you.

I ignore you because every time I look at you it hurts me so much,

And deep inside my heart, I know we can’t be together.

You’re the only person that had show me how to fall in love,

Without a word, you hurt me so badly.

What should I do?

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

What should I do?

When suddenly my heart beating so fast,

And when I realise my tears already fall on my cheek.

What should I do?

When my heart still beating for someone I can’t have.

What should I do?

When my heart get aches every time I think about you.

You better tell me what should I do,

When I still love you while I’m hating myself that loving you so much…