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Strangers again…

Posted: May 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The only reasons why I can’t be friends with you anymore,

Because I don’t want to hurt you again,

And I don’t want to give another hard times to you,

I also don’t want to be the reason of your tears again,

If we be friends again I can’t promise I’ll never hurt you again,

And I might turn to be a bad friend to you again,

Because I love you so much, I can’t  be selfish with you,

Because it hurts me when thinking we only can be friends,

While I want to be more than just a friend with you,

I just want you to know that I never want you to be unhappy,

Maybe you’re right that we should never meet and be friends,

If you don’t want be friends with me I understand it,

I hope you’ll have better life after this,

Even though we are not friends anymore,

I just hope we still can be a good workmate,

Just treat me the way you want and I’ll do the same to you,

I’ll never forget you and I’ll always remember you,

For you had once be my special best friend that I love so much,

Just in case next time we bump into each other,

I’ll do nothing and say nothing as usual,

Because I don’t know how to confront with you anymore,

Because we’re completely has become strangers to each other again. 



I said I like you, I said I love you,

And I start thinking about you,

I guess I’ve shaken by you,

But then I realize that everything I’ve  said to you its mean nothing,

Because no matter how hard I try to love you I just can’t,

I can’t love you the way I love her,

I did feel something for you but not the same feeling I felt for her,

I’ve been taken by her and I still can’t get over her,

She used to be my best friend but I lost her,

To be clear she’s not a friend to me anymore,

I can’t be friends with her anymore because I’m afraid I might hurt her again,

I did learn how to live without her and not feel cripple anymore,

I’m sorry for trying on you,

I’m sorry for being using you,

I’m sorry for lying to you,

I’m sorry for making you as excuse,

I’m sorry for making you as my another distraction,

I’m sorry for acting like I care,

I’m sorry for being weird to you,

I thought I’ll be able to forget her but I guess I can’t,

Thank you for understanding,

Thank you for not being afraid with me,

Thank you for not avoiding me,

Thank you for still being friends with me,

Thanks God you’re a girl,

If not I might fall for you and I’ll never let you go…


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I think I almost falling in love with you,

I start thinking about you and later you’ll be always in my mind,

The truth is I’ve been imagine about having you in my life,

With me, I promise to you no more loneliness.

With me, I promise to you I’ll always be there for you no matter what.

With me, I promise to take care of you.

With me, I promise you’ll always be loved.

With me, I promise you’ll always be filled by my love and care.

With me, it will not only sweet things to be dreamed.

I’ll give you my words and I’ll never broke it,

I might know nothing about you but I really want to know you better,

No matter how long it’s gonna takes, I’ll wait.

Once I give you my heart, please take care of it.

Because it’s so fragile and you’ll see the cracks are still there,

I still try to mend the broken parts,

I just want to be someone who can be loved,

To earn respect from someone who’s so important to me,

I’ll do everything to people that I love so much,

Even though sometime it seems like they don’t care at all,

After what I did to you, I ask nothing.

Because I’ve learn that expectation can turn into disappointment,

Just please don’t hurt me, otherwise I’ll be broken again,

And you’ll see my other side that later will make you to hate me, 

Because I’ll be so helpless to get over it again,

From now on you’ll be my new inspiration,

You’ll make my day and be the reason for my sudden smile… 


Far Away…

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

We talk, we laugh, we do look like friends,

But actually we’re not,

I know you realize, I know you understand,

Just by seeing my smile n looking through my eyes,

That I’m slowly pushing you away from my life,

We can’t never be friends again,

You’ll see me laugh, you’ll see me smile,

But only in the crowds so no one can see the different,

And it will not be the same as you’ve seen before,

With you alone, you’ll never see me as me,

I ignore you and I don’t even look at you when I know you’re looking at me,

I’ll not be sorry for being hypocrite to you,

My life being so much easier without you,

I don’t have to think about you or care about you,

I know you think you don’t know me anymore,

I’ve change and I’m not the childish person you’ve once know,

I’ll not be nice to people who means nothing to me,

It’s not worthy to treat someone nice but at the end you only get hurt,

I don’t love you like I do before and it feels we’ve been so far away.