Far Away…

Posted: May 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

We talk, we laugh, we do look like friends,

But actually we’re not,

I know you realize, I know you understand,

Just by seeing my smile n looking through my eyes,

That I’m slowly pushing you away from my life,

We can’t never be friends again,

You’ll see me laugh, you’ll see me smile,

But only in the crowds so no one can see the different,

And it will not be the same as you’ve seen before,

With you alone, you’ll never see me as me,

I ignore you and I don’t even look at you when I know you’re looking at me,

I’ll not be sorry for being hypocrite to you,

My life being so much easier without you,

I don’t have to think about you or care about you,

I know you think you don’t know me anymore,

I’ve change and I’m not the childish person you’ve once know,

I’ll not be nice to people who means nothing to me,

It’s not worthy to treat someone nice but at the end you only get hurt,

I don’t love you like I do before and it feels we’ve been so far away.


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