Another distraction…

Posted: May 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I said I like you, I said I love you,

And I start thinking about you,

I guess I’ve shaken by you,

But then I realize that everything I’ve  said to you its mean nothing,

Because no matter how hard I try to love you I just can’t,

I can’t love you the way I love her,

I did feel something for you but not the same feeling I felt for her,

I’ve been taken by her and I still can’t get over her,

She used to be my best friend but I lost her,

To be clear she’s not a friend to me anymore,

I can’t be friends with her anymore because I’m afraid I might hurt her again,

I did learn how to live without her and not feel cripple anymore,

I’m sorry for trying on you,

I’m sorry for being using you,

I’m sorry for lying to you,

I’m sorry for making you as excuse,

I’m sorry for making you as my another distraction,

I’m sorry for acting like I care,

I’m sorry for being weird to you,

I thought I’ll be able to forget her but I guess I can’t,

Thank you for understanding,

Thank you for not being afraid with me,

Thank you for not avoiding me,

Thank you for still being friends with me,

Thanks God you’re a girl,

If not I might fall for you and I’ll never let you go…



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