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I miss the times…

Posted: June 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

I still remember the times we always texts to each other,

Even we’re just meters away from each other,

Sometimes just to say about nonsense things,

We text to each other day and nights just like a couple,

So funny to think back about it,

I really miss the times we hang out together,

When it’s only two of us together I really enjoying it,

I miss holding your hand and walking together,

I miss the times we shopping together,

I miss the times we eat together,

I miss the times we went to the fun fair,

And taking picture up high on the top of the Paris of Wheel,

I know and realize that I can’t have that moments again with you,

And I begin to accept that truths now,

So sad to think that we can’t be a normal friends again,

If only I didn’t love you so much,

With no feelings involves and interferes,

We’ll never end our friendship like this,

I know it’s all my mistakes and it was me that making the decision,

I make the most selfish thing by ending the friendship between us,

The only reason I do that is because I don’t want to hurt you,

And I don’t want to hurt myself again,

You might not believe this but most of all is because I love you so much.



Sometimes I wish I could forget all the past that I had with you,

But I know no matter how hard I try I just can’t,

Because it’s the only thing about you that left with me now,

And everytime I miss you, I’ll keep holding on it,

Everytime I think about you,

Either it creates smile on my lips or just make me into tears.

I still remember the first time I saw you cry,

I can’t stand knowing you’re sad and I just run to you,

You hug me tight and cry silently on my shoulder,

You try to smile and laugh but your tears still falling down,

I saw you cry many times in front of me,

There’s one time where you cried because of me,

I ignore you and it really make you upset,

I’m not suppose to be the reason of you tears but I did,

I think I made wrong to you and I want to meet you that day,

I really want to say I’m sorry to you and I want you to know that I’m really sorry,

You rush to me and hold tight my hand without saying a word,

You keep your face down and not even look at me for once,

 Then I feel your tears on my skin and I know that time you’re crying,

We stay silent for a while and I just let you cry in my arm,

I never thought that I caused so much pain when I ignore you,

I know I ignored you but I’ve got my own reason for doing like that to you,

You said that it should be you to be the first person I meet as soon I arrive,

You didn’t know how much I really want to meet and hug you that day,

But I don’t because I just realize that I did love you so much,

And I ignore you because I want to save my heart,

I know it sounds selfish but I’m tired of suffering trying to control my wild feelings,

That always want to bust out every time I see or be with you,

It’s not your fault but it’s mine, 

And during that time I can’t trust myself from not hurting you.

Just incase you don’t know yet, I miss you so badly too.