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Posted: July 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

As people grow up they stop playing with toys, they replace the toys with someone feelings to play with.

‎From all the toys of the world , you chose my feelings to play with.

I’m cool with it because I know the game you play on me so lets play the game.

Let see who’s going to win and feel regret later… =)


Friends Again…

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

I see you today but I can’t smile to you,

Don’t ever think that I don’t want to but it just I don’t know how,

I try to speak to you today but I always feel speechless whenever I see you,

Don’t ever think that I hate you when I always avoid you,

Because I still care about you like before,

It’s just I don’t know how to prove and show it to you,

The truth is I want to be with you again,

If not as my close friend but just as my friend,

I miss you and I miss being friends with you, 

But if you think it’s wrong for us to be friends again,

I think  I deserve it because I hurt you too many times,

And it’s too late for me to take all the blames,

I know I being so selfish and I really regret it,

For being someone you don’t like and make you disappointed too many time,

If only I could go back into the past,

I’ll choose to be in the first time we start being friends,

So I’ll never make the mistakes that I shouldn’t do,

And I’ll never losing you like I lose you now.

p/s: I really miss you so much my ex-best friend…aren’t you missing me too?