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I’m willing to endure you at your worst time because I care about you and because of that I’ll wait.


i care so much about you

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i know you don’t love me anymore,
or maybe you never did,
but it’s okay because i still love you and will always love you no matter what,
you don’t have to say anything,
i just want you to know about that,
believe or not i never care anyone else like i care about you,
if loving you is a crime then i guess i made the biggest crime ever,
if loving you is wrong then i guess i’ll always be wrong until i can get over with you,
i try to move on but you’ll always be my past that i’ll never forget,
im trying a new thing now where im trying being honest with myself,
im trying my best being honest with you about my feeling,
because i care so much about you i did so many things,
some are things that i never think i’ll do,
some are things that i consider as stupid things,
im not blaming you or it’s not you that make me feel stupid,
but it’s because of the feeling i’ve for you. 

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I’m so sorry for always blaming you,
I’m so sorry for not try to see it as my fault too,
I’m so sorry for always make it complicated between us,
I’m so sorry for always make you fed up with me,
I’m so sorry for sometimes I can’t be good enough for you,
It never be my intention to hurt you,
But the feeling I’ve towards you always make me crazy,
It urges me to do something I never want to do,
Sometimes it urges me to think something  I never want to think about,
I wish you’ll endure me till the end,
Because at the end I’ll make sure you’ll never regret knowing me. 


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It was true. It was totally true. When we’re in trouble or incapable to do anything, people who come to help and be there for you is people who care about you. Sometimes even the person you care so much will not care about you at all. During that time we will realize the people who really care about you.

When I was so sick I really hope someone I care so much will care about me or at least ask me how I’ve been. I wonder why you don’t even care about me when I really need your care. I’m not strong when I was so weak and sick. I did cry again. You know why? I was thinking how could you not even be there when I really need you. How could you. When it seems like I’m pushing you away, you should just come to me and ask me why like I always do to you. I’m sorry but you did hurt me again. You made me cry again. I always be there for you no matter what. I give you everything and sacrifice everything for you but I guess you never appreciate that. I know you don’t know how to show your feelings but sometimes you need to show it so I can see it. But you never did. Not even in words or in action. I guess it almost impossible to see that. You always disappoint me. I never ask something that you can’t afford. I think I didn’t ask too much compare to what I’ve done to you. Whatever la… It’s up to you, I know you will miss me after this and so do I. I hope someday you’ll learn how to show your feelings and try to appreciate people who treat you so well.

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:: At last I know how to cry again. Before this it was only my heart that crying.
So much burden because of you and I can’t take it anymore. ::

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:: When I’m with him, it will always you that linger through my mind.
I thought he’s a great distraction for me to kill the feeling I felt for you but I was wrong. ::