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I love and value our friendship so much,
I just hope that it will last forever,
I know things will never be the same again,
But I hope we’ll never lose each other ever again,
We need each other and you know it,
Even though it seems like we can’t be as close as before,
After this you can always find me anytime you want,
And I’ll always be there for you,
I don’t think I’ll meet someone like you ever again,
A pure soul that understand me more than anyone else,
An amazing person who had totally changed me,
I always love you and I’ll never forget you,
For you’re a a real friend that I never want to lose,
I value you more than the others no matter what they might think,
I’m sorry for every single thing I’ve done to you,
And thanks so much for everything,
I’m imperfect, I’m bad, I’m cruel, I’m evil,
Thanks for still being my friend after everything that happen between us,
And thanks for being someone who once I love so much,
You’ll always be my true love that I’ll never forget.



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I hope someday you’ll realize what you’ve done to me and what you’ve just lost.

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Because I care, I love.
Because I love, I hurt.
Because I hurt, I hate.
Because I hate, I don’t care.
Because I don’t care, I don’t love.
Because I don’t love, I forget.

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May God will always be with you when I’m not around you anymore.

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I forgive you for everything you’ve done to me but I’ll never forget for the worst way you disrespect me.