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Tell me before it’s too late, 
Speak it out while I’m still here to listen,
Said it while I still can hear your voice,     
Show me while Im still there to see,
Show me that it’s worthy for everything that
we had sacrificed,
Let me know that you care about me,
Let me know that you like having me in
your life too,
Let me know how much I mean to you,
Because for me you means a lot to me,
And I love it so much having you in my life,
Miss me while there’s still something left    
to be missed,                                 
Love me while Im still loving you,  
Be there while Im still there,
Look for me before Im really gone…forever.


What if…

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What if…
Someday I dont love you anymore?
Someday I stop caring about you?
Someday I stop looking for you?
Someday I dont think you are important anymore?
Someday we stop talking?
Someday we dont feel crazy to each other?
Someday we stop telling and sharing things?
Someday the feeling that makes me hold onto you for so long suddenly disappear?
Someday I completely can let you go?
Someday the feeling completely gone and I feel nothing about you anymore?
Someday the day might come where I completely forgot about us?      
Someday I can barely love someone else the way I love you?

I love you, friend.

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