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What actually happened to us?
I barely can see you face and hear your voice,
You’re always giving me excuses everytime I ask you out,
Or you always telling me that you’re damn tired and busy with your works,
I try to meet you at your workplace but you left me waiting for hours,
The worst part is you went straight home and forgot about me that waiting for you,
I always try to understand you,
I always forget and forgive for what you did,
I always be there for you even you’re always not there when I need you,
Because you know why?
Because I care about you more than you think,
Because you’re so important to me,
But I’m not sure about you because lately I feel so distant to you,
You always spacing out while I’m talking to you,
And that make me feel unimportant to you,
You disappointed me,
I feel so vulnerable now and I need you but I know you can’t be there for me,
It make me sad when you always choose works over me,
And thats why here I am trying to save my heart from being hurt,
I try my best not stealing glances at you even though I miss that beautiful pale flawless face,
I try my best not to show that I still care about you,
I feel so guilty for leaving you to face your own insecurity,
I being so close to the others but not with you so you’ll know how does it feel to be left out,
I’m acting being so happy with the others so you know that I can be happy without you,
I keep myself away from you so I feel less guilty for treating you that way,
I’m being so silence with you because I don’t know what else to say,
I just feel so tired with everything between us,
When it will always be me that putting efforts to fix the problems between us,
I don’t know how much longer I can stand for us,
I will wait for you to fight for us like I always do when we’re not in the good terms,
I’m sorry for treating you that way,
I’m sorry for making you feel not exist,
I’m sorry but I need time and some spaces now,
I just want to know that my heart never stop caring for you because it was only the mind that get affected.

A****’s POV

What Happened To Us?

Posted: July 28, 2014 in Life, Love, Relationship
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What happened to us?
It seems like I don’t feel you anymore,
You’re so near to me but I feel so distant with you,
You’re no longer stealing glances at me,
You’re no longer comforting me when you see insecurity surrounding me,
You’re keeping yourself away from me,
You’re acting cold to me which you never did that to me,
You’re being so close to others but not me,
You make me feel I’m no longer exist in your life,
I can see you’re smiling and laughing hard with the others but never with me,
You’re being so silence around me and I don’t understand it,
I can see that something is bothering you but you don’t spill it out,
I don’t even know what’s wrong with you lately,
Am I receiving some cold treatment from you?
Am I not being enough to you?
Am I not your priority anymore?
I’m sorry if I always busy and can’t spend time with you,
I’m sorry for the times you need me but I can’t be there for you due to my works,
I’m sorry if I’m spacing out while you’re talking to me,
I’m sorry for unable being the person you can rely on when you feel down or vulnerable,
I’m sorry if I always have to choose work over you because I’ve no choice,
I’m so sorry for always fail to show my efforts to save our relationship,
I’m really sorry for what happened to us now,
I want you to know that you’re so important to me more than you think,
And I hope it’s not too late for me to prove it to you.

K******’s POV