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The Perfect One

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Life, Love
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I was always there for you but it was you that never try to see it.

I give you my everything but I guess it’s never being enough.

How can I try to be there for you when the only thing you always do is pushing me away from you?

How can I understand you when you’re telling me lies but not the truth?

How can you say that I never try to understand deep down inside of you when you’re always shielding yourself with the strongest walls that you can build?

How can you say I didn’t try hard to break those walls when I never give up and stop trying?

How can you tell me that I don’t really listen to you when everytime I was there to listen you’re saying nothing?

How can you simply think that you’re no longer important to me?

When you alone are my world that means so much to me and so important where I always afraid of losing you,

Believe me and just have faith in me,

I may not be the perfect one for you,

But for me you the perfect one that I’ve been waiting for so long.