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I don’t know what’s wrong with me,
Am I being afraid again of thing that is not even exist?
Or am I being afraid of getting hurt again?
We’re doing things more than friends always do,
But not more than what lovers always do,
I’m not confused with my feelings with you,
Because it’s as clear as crystal that the feeling for you is just a feeling of a friend,
But it just all of these things between us are so new to me,
It’s so different and I never feel this way before,
I wonder if I can handle it well,
Because I don’t want thing turns into something we both don’t want,
What if I get too attached to you?
What if the feeling turns into something I most afraid of?
What if I’m being selfish?
I treasure you so much and I don’t want to lose you,
I might not know you longer but I already start to like you,
And it didn’t stop me from wanting you in my life,
I want you in the most innocent way you can think of,
No lust but just sincere feelings.

The Feelings

Posted: April 4, 2015 in Life, Love
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I don’t know what is this,
The feelings that I feel after I meet you,
I never feel this way before,
This is so different,
This is not even the feeling of falling in love,
But it’s so great and beyond happiness,
I’m so sure that this is neither lust nor obsession,
I like you a lot but to say ‘I love you’ is still hard for me,
I miss you everyday,
I miss you a lot when we’re not together,
I’m not missing you only when you’re there beside me,
I love to start my day and end my day everyday with you,
You always make feel loved at the times I’m not lovable,
You’re always bold with what you feel,
No hidden agenda but just pure feelings,
Everything you do makes me like you a little bit more every single day,
I like the way you’re,
I like everything about you including your flaws,
You show me life and love in a very different perspective, 
What else that you’ve got for me to see?
Because I can’t wait to see more in and out of you,
If you keep doing what you’re doing to me now,
I’m wondering what will happen to me,
Will I be able to love again?
Will I be able to open my heart again?
Will I be able to trust totally again?
Or will I be able to really give my all again?