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Posted: June 14, 2015 in Life
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Create me a place to be free,
Where I don’t have to care about anything,
Where I don’t have to listen others sayings,
Give me all the chances,
I’ll never forget the good & the bad,
I’ll still be me and pray to God every single day,
I’ll still love people around me,
Even to those who used to love me but now hating me,
I can’t ask people to like me when they choose to dislike me,
If what I did is wrong don’t simply judge me,
No war is bigger than fighting with yourself,
Where you don’t know which side should take the victory,
No one knows the struggle I made,
But if people still judging,
I guess I’ll just be me & be happy,I’m not born to impress anyone,
And I’m not going to make myself less happy just because of others,
I couldn’t be happier knowing that my presence is matter to certain people who understand me,
I will only live once,
It’s a long ride,
No one says it will be easy,
But I’ll just have faith,
And be me.