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Without you…

Posted: July 17, 2015 in Life, Love
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I wonder what will happen to me when you’re gone,
Can I still survive?
Can I move on?
Surely I will be alive; living a life,
But it is not longer the life I want,
Because the life I want is a life with you,
It will never be the same anymore,
Things will totally change,
I will no longer be me,
I will lose half of myself if you’re gone,
Because you’re my other half,
I will miss you so much,
I will always wait for you to come back,
I will be so crazy,
I will be having sleepless nights,
I will be crying until I have no more tears to shed,
I will be mourning every single day,
And the day will come where I wish that I’m gone too,
But I am sure you will hate me for that,
Because you always tell me that you want me to be happy,
I can’t even imagine me without you,
I love you so much it hurts and it consumes me.