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Expectation hurts. It always that way. Always.

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Life

One day…

Posted: October 24, 2015 in Life, Love, Relationship
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You’re holding my hands,
And you’re holding it so firm like you don’t want to let it go,
You were there beside me like you always do,
I want to see every detail of your beautiful face but my sight is blurry,
I want to touch your beautiful face but I can’t even lift my fingers,
I guess being too old makes me not that healthy & strong anymore like I used to before.

You’re always with your smile when you’re with me but nowadays I see tears only,
I want to tell you many stories but I can’t say it out,
I want to tell you some joke so you’ll stop crying,
I’m so hopeless because I can’t do anything,
It has been so long I lay down on this bed,
Long enough where I feel it’s like our home already,
I never expect that we will be together until now,
Because I always think that you deserve someone better,
You’re such a great & wonderful person,
But never cross in my mind to leave you or to let you go dear,
I always want you in my life forever,
I love you so much it hurts,
You’re my everything,
You’re my world,
You’re my life,
You’re my love,
We’ve so many differences but we always complete each other,
We’ve encounter so many things together,
We’ve been through the worst & the best,
And it’s what make us now.

I know this day will coming,
And I know you know too,
Looking at your teary eyes make me feel want to cry too,
I want to look strong but seeing you make me weak and shed tears too,
I’ve done with the treatment and my body is not responding anymore to it,
It’s not that I’m giving up dear,
But I just want to rest and spend my short time with you dear.

Promise me that you’ll try to be happy and moves on when I’m gone,
Promise me when you’re done crying for me a few days you’ll not crying anymore for me,
Promise me that you’re not going to mourn for me for long time,
Promise me that you’re going to do what I just ask you to do dear,
Everything I do is for your own good.

Choose the Boring Guy

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