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Posted: March 29, 2017 in Uncategorized


Today, I will choose to stop calling you ‘dear or my dear’. It is not that I am angry or not okay with you, but I just choose to stop calling you with that nickname. I am saving my heart from hoping for something that I know I can’t have. I am wondering what you actually mean when you said you will die if I die because I can’t see I am that important in your life anymore. I’m not going to say anything that can make you emotionally stress after this. I hope that you will truly be happy.

Thank you for loving me once and thank you for the memories. Most of all thank you for giving up on me when you realize we were not meant to be together. I will find my own happiness after this and I hope you will find yours too. If friends is all we can be, then lets be good friends as long as we can. I won’t get offended or get hurt no matter how you treat me after this because I’m not in love with you anymore. I still care about you that’s why I choose to stay.

I’m wearing the rings again, to show you that I’m okay with everything we have now. Some more it is a nice made white gold rings. You will know that I’ve found someone new when I don’t wear the rings anymore, I can’t make time for you anymore and I return the rings to you.