Allow me to feel what I want to feel. Just let me be. Just let me cry. Just let me. When I choose to really let you go, it was one of the hardest decision I ever made. It’s not easy and it took all of me. Because when I choose to leave you, I’m actually leaving behind half of my life with you. I’m terrified just thinking whether I can live well or not without you. I cried so hard that day. With nowhere to hide my tears, I just run to him with my red wet eyes. I really wish I can just hug him and ask for his comfort, but I know I shouldn’t. So, I just sit beside him and cry. He didn’t say or ask anything. He just be there and hear me crying. After a while, only he say something. He asked me to be okay and said “I’m telling you, it’s not going to be easy to get through it, it’s gonna take time, maybe for months, maybe for years, I hope you’ll be strong, you can do it. You need to find something to distract you now, do something you like, maybe you can start go to the gym again and be fit. One day you’ll find someone new”. I never meet such a very gentle man and thoughtful man like him. I respect him and his relationship. I wish he can be there as my big brother as long as it can.

Posted: May 21, 2017 in Friendship, Life, Love, Relationship

p.s.: Gary didn’t know about us. Everything about us will remain secret forever.


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