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You ask me to leave in that raining night. You just don’t care anymore. You don’t even watch me go. That forced hug and forced forehead kiss will be my last things for you. I’ve done my best, I’ve no regret. I don’t want you in my life anymore. I want to completely forget you. I hope I will never see or meet you accidentally. No matter what, please don’t ever find or contact me again.

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I love and care about you, more than you ever did. Your feeling disappear in the middle of nowhere. Everytime I know you’re with someone else, I can’t ignore the pain. I really hope one day I can totally remove the feeling I had for you. Sometimes the pain is too much and I can’t handle it.

” True Love “

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P.s. I can never be stranger to you or treat you like a stranger. It just so impossible to do.