One day…

Posted: June 7, 2017 in Life

One day you will miss me for everything. Many times you will try to find me in every person you meet, but I couldn’t be found. One day you will miss my care and my love; the ones that I keep telling you again and again that you deserve it. One day when you are sick, you will remember the times I’m always there to take care of you and how I handle your tantrum. One day you will miss my cooking. I’m not a 5 star chef, but I know many times my cooking makes you smile widely and your tummy happy. One day you will miss seeing me standing in the kitchen and cooking for you, while waiting for you back from work. One day when you get so tired and don’t have the energy to wake up, you will remember the times I always come to you and do things for you. One day when you’re sick or having sore throat, you will remember the times I always bring water to you. One day you will remember the times I dry your hair and do your nails. One day when you’ve muscle sore from working too much, you will remember the times I massage you to make you feel better. One day you will miss my snoring. One day you will longing for my hug. One day you will miss my warmth when you feel cold. One day you will miss having ride with me and Mr.Black. One day you will remember the times we go shopping together. One day you will miss the times I always be there for you and keep coming back to you. I hope you will remember and miss only the good thing about me and us.

You will never meet someone like me ever again. You will never find or see me in any person you meet in your whole life. But I can promise you, that you will meet someone better than me, someone that will love you better and treat you better, someone that can understand you better. I really don’t want you to meet someone like me ever again; not in this life or next life. 

One day I’ll be standing on the aisle in someone’s hand and I don’t want you to miss the happiest time of my life, because if you didn’t give up on me, I will never be able to find and meet my forever love, the one that will love me just the way I am.

This one is for you.

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Hello there, I hope you’re doing fine. I hope you’re happier now. I hope you’re healthy and live well. I hope you meet good people. I hope you really have a happy life now.  
If you’re reading this, it means everything is not the same anymore. It’s either me or you that have changed. Or maybe we’re no longer text each other like we used to do. Or maybe we live different path. 
I just want you to know that it’s an honor to meet and know such a wonderful and amazing person like you. I never hold grudge toward you and you owe me nothing. I’m sorry I’m not the person you looking for. Thank you for everything; the memories, the love, the time spent together, the sacrifices. I appreciate it all and I treasure each one of it. 
You’re such a great person. You let me see the world in the way I never imagine. You show me that life can be so beautiful. You let me discover something in me that I never thought I could be.

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My wishes…

Posted: May 31, 2017 in Life, Love

All I want is to have someone that has the same heart with me. Someone that will love me forever. Someone that doesn’t cheat, but loyal till the end. I just want someone to love and be loved at the same time. I don’t want to keep coming back to someone is no longer mine and stop loving me. All I want is to have someone that can always be there for me emotionally and physically. Someone that make me as his first priority. Someone that will never ignore me no matter what. I want someone that afraid to lose me. Once I found my forever love, I’ll give all of me and love him in the most wonderful way I know. I want a permanent happiness. I don’t want a temporary relationship or happiness. I want my next relationship to be my last relationship.