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It has been almost five years and half a year if I’m not mistaken,
But the day I officially talk to you feels just like yesterday,
It was a long journey for us to reach where we are now,
What a wonderful and incredible friendship we have,
We had a complicated friendship at the beginning,
And there were some periods we lost contact because of our mistakes,
But as time goes by,
I learn more from so called life and I guess you too,
Our friendship is getting stronger,
In the past,
I didn’t know what to label us,
Because we act neither like friends nor lovers,
We’re so close and that closeness confuses me,
But now it was a different story.

I can say we are best friends for real,
But even with all the chemistry we have,
Sometimes I still feel afraid to be too close to you,
You might find it strange but that’s the truth,
I really appreciate you in my life and I don’t dare to lose you again,
I don’t think I can bare with the emptiness in me again when you’re not there,
I know you never really leave me at the times I’m pushing you away.

I just don’t want things back to what we hated the most in the past,
Where things were so complicated,
When feelings get too attached,
When the longing for you become too strong,
When I lose my mind again,
When I lose control on my own feelings,
Most of all I’m afraid I’ll mess again and worst I’ll hurt you.